The Average Consumer is Unaware of The Jammers’ Capabilities

Though the cell phone jammer is applied in daily life, it’s not the final goal. The cell phone jammer just helps cell phone users to build the self-disciplined awareness. It’s not only a reminder but a warranty in the public places such as hospital and gas station. In hospital with large flow of people, it’s not enough to depend on the patients’ and visitors’ self-discipline.

As generally there exists a notice or billboard in the special occasions and it’s just to ensure the public security, I think it can be understood and accepted by the mobile phone users. In the long run, the cell phone jammer is not only for restriction, but a warning and reminder for cell phone users. More people can turn to don’t use mobile phone consciously but not forcedly in the special occasions. It aims to improve the morality of the public and better maintain the cell phone application environment.

Cell Phone Jammer is an electronic mobile or cell phone like device which is used to block or jammed cell phone signal, in technical language we can say it prevent cellular phone to receive or transmit any signal to nearest base station or Mobile Tower or Cell,Different cell phone jammer had different working range for example one may work for Dinning Room one may for School campus it depends on you for what purpose and up to what range you requires this,one may work for 15-20 meter other a high power jammer for high range.

This is nothing to play around with or take lightly.  Be warned!  It’s time for all of us to grow up and start acting responsibly.  These gps jammers are ILLEGAL! If you don’t want your boss, wife or husband to know where you’re going – don’t go, or consider leaving your GPS at home.  Whichever you choose, don’t jeopardize the public safety and wellbeing to appease your own self interests.


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